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Working Trucks for Companies Who Do Tough Work – Used Trucks

Heavy Equipment Financing Types​

The longer I am in equipment leasing and business financing I am constantly amazed some of the large strokes our business makes. From Time In Business requirements to age of equipment and Fair Isaac Credit Requirements. So if one of these is a miss the client doesn’t get their equipment. I learned that instant credit approvals also mean instant credit declines for entrepreneurs across the US.

In a world of artificial intelligence and rapid decision making it seems most lenders have missed their market on doing what makes sense. For instance a client wanting a dump truck from the mid 90’s because they only drive 5 mile radius for their job makes sense. The client who needs a used trailer with only wheels as the moving parts makes sense.

At ELEASE we of course utilize real time credit and decision processing but we never issue a decline without taking a 2nd look at how we can put this together. Most of the time those issues are fixed with a conversation or additional data point like a bank statement.

I pride ourselves on being able to put things together for our clients who are truly our partners. If it makes sense for our clients it most likely will make sense to us if we spend the time to listen. Call us today at 800-499-2577 so we can hear your story!

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

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