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Business Equipment Leasing Comes In All Forms

You can lease almost any type of new or used equipment, from restaurant equipment-to trucks-to heavy machinery.
Save Money with ELEASE Business Equipment Leasing
Financing Options

At ELEASE all we do is business equipment leasing. That is the focus of the company and what drives every move we make. Regardless of the size of your business, you will always need equipment and supplies. Business equipment leasing from ELEASE allows you to get the equipment you need for your business, without having to pay for the items up front. Savvy business owners have used business equipment leasing as a money saving strategy for years, and as a method to get the latest equipment available.

In addition to items required for the office, we are also experienced in leasing larger pieces of equipment. For example, heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, as well as commercial vehicle fleet, such as delivery vans. Even specialized production equipment for manufacturing is a candidate for business equipment leasing, and we have probably done work in your specific industry already. In effect, we are the business equipment leasing experts.

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Savings and Benefits of Business Equipment Leasing

There are really two main types of savings that a business will get when they choose business equipment leasing: immediate and long-term. First, instant savings come in the from not using your capital or credit. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars to outfit an office, you instead have a manageable monthly payment with business equipment leasing. You still get everything you need, plus you don’t tie up your credit or cash. Second, long-term savings come in the way of annual tax benefits, and interest accrued on the money you didn’t have to spend.

Business equipment leasing also gives you the opportunity to be constantly updating your old equipment. This means an immediate gain of having the very latest technology, and a long term benefit of not having to worry about that same technology becoming outdated. We all know how quickly technology improves, creating an obsolescence risk whenever new technology is purchased. By using business equipment leasing as a financing tool, you can be updating that technology every couple of years, without having to worry about disposing of your out of date, depreciated older technology.

A final important benefit is that business equipment leasing allows you to get what you need now, rather than waiting for receivables and your cash flow to improve. Having to buy equipment ‘piecemeal’ could damage your business operations, and give your competitors an edge. Why take that risk, when a business equipment lease can solve the problem?




Your business needs equipment to grow. Let our experienced sales team provide you with leasing options specifically tailored to your business.

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