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Helpful Information About Equipment Leasing and Financing
Leasing Resources
Here are some helpful links to leasing resources to get you up to speed with the leasing industry. If you would like to add a link to our list please contact [email protected].

Leasing Industry Links:

Equipment Leasing Association. The Equipment Leasing Association (ELA) is a national organization comprised of member companies within the equipment leasing and finance industry. United Association of Equipment Leasing. The mission of the United Association of Equipment Leasing (UAEL) is to further the welfare of its members and to provide and promote a forum for interaction and programs which enhance business opportunity.

National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers. The National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers (NAELB) is an organization formed to promote the interests of equipment leasing brokers through education, advocacy, improved communication with funders and programs designed to upgrade the professionalism and profitability of brokers, funders and others engaged in the business of equipment lease financing.

Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation. The Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, the prime developer and disseminator of the body of knowledge for the equipment lease financing industry, since 1989. A non-profit, tax deductible organization. Monitor Daily. Every month the Monitor provides readers with in-depth information supplied by trusted sources in the leasing and financial centers of the United States.

Credit Agencies:

Equifax: Equifax has been providing value-added information solutions to businesses and consumers for over 104 years. Today, Equifax is a global service provider with over $1.1 billion in annual revenue and 4800 employees in 12 countries.

Experian: With approximately 30 years of experience and more than 30,000 clients in North America, Experian combines our unsurpassed data with the knowledge, expertise and creativity to help companies build successful relationships with their customers. Experian also provides U.S. consumers with the tools and services to help them understand, manage and protect their personal credit profiles.

TransUnion: A global leader in credit and information management. For more than 30 years, we have worked with businesses and consumers to gather, analyze and deliver the critical information needed to build strong economies throughout the world.




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