ELEASE Docusign Digital Documents

We are excited to offer digital signatures with the help of DocuSign. The “e” in ELEASE stands for education. First and foremost we provide our clients an educational experience to grow their business. Well today it can also stand for electronic as we have converted some of our leases to be purely digital. We think […]

Working Trucks for Companies Who Do Tough Work – Used Trucks

Heavy Equipment Financing Types​

The longer I am in equipment leasing and business financing I am constantly amazed some of the large strokes our business makes. From Time In Business requirements to age of equipment and Fair Isaac Credit Requirements. So if one of these is a miss the client doesn’t get their equipment. I learned that instant credit […]

2016 Equipment Leasing Update

As 2015 comes to a close, the Equipment Leasing & Financing Foundation has released what they saw in 2015 and what they expect to see in 2016. Although the year hasn’t quite come to a close and the numbers aren’t final, it’s looking like annual growth of equipment leasing and financing in 2015 will finish […]

What is Creative Financing?

When business equipment leasing began it was primarily for office furnishings. As business environments grew and changed, equipment leasing companies changed what they leased and how leases were structured. Businesses today can and do lease things in addition to furnishings such as manufacturing equipment, specialized electronic components, computers, and even software. As a result, many […]

Keg Leasing and Finance

We like to think of ourselves as being in Craft Finance.  Meaning that we like to create a unique solution for our clients.  We had a Micro Brewery client that needed kegs on an ongoing basis and wanted an affordable monthly payment instead of investing in $20,000 plus orders for kegs.  ELEASE came up with […]

Equipment Leasing For Start-ups Is Possible

Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Some business grow from a small one person endeavor like those we talked about who market on Edsy while others begin because someone leaves an established company because they believe they can do it better. Being a startup business, no matter how you begin, has many challenges and one of the biggest can be equipment […]

Are You A Franchise Owner? How does equipment leasing work?

Congratulations on your new business or expanding your existing business! Franchises are a great way to be your own boss without having to “recreate the wheel” as they say. There are close to one million franchise companies in the US which employ over ten million people. Many entrepreneurs go this route because the franchise has […]

Can You Help A Small Business As A Mentor?

Many of us have mentors and some of us are mentors. Are you considered a leader in your community or industry but not a mentor yet? Have you considered being one? There are many organizations from the Small Business Association to your local chamber or networking organization that look for mentors to help new or […]

Equipment Leasing From A Trusted Company

At ELEASE we pride ourselves on doing the right thing for our customers and building positive relationships so that when they need to lease again or someone asks them who their leasing company is, they refer us. We’ve often said that referrals are the highest form of flattery. Sadly not all in our industry have […]

A Lesson at Home about Equipment Leasing for Auto Repair Shops

Not very often do I get to blog about things that go on in our home regarding equipment leasing, however, this week our high school son came home and announced he wants to be an auto mechanic and have his own shop. Part of this is because he truly loves working on cars and he does […]