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Business Equipment Leasing Comes In All Forms

You can lease almost any type of new or used equipment, from restaurant equipment-to trucks-to heavy machinery.
Truck Leasing

Almost everything you can buy, rent or use has been moved by truck. When your core business is transport, owning vehicles may be the best solution. When commercial transport is just something you “need to do”, then leasing trucks and transport vehicles may be the better choice.

When You Need Transport for Your Business

You may have a fleet of vehicles, or you may be needing to build a fleet from the ground up. Capital costs can be expensive and difficult to manage. Time spent selecting, purchasing and maintaining commercial vehicles could be better spent servicing your customers. Leasing trucks and other vehicles can get you the fleet you need quickly – and easily. And when your business transport needs change, leasing gives you the flexibility to reconfigure your fleet in a timely – and cost effective – manner.

Every Kind of Transport Vehicle

A commercial fleet may be comprised of lots of different vehicles; pickup trucks, stepvans, delivery trucks, eighteen wheelers, custom trucks for delivery anything from bread, to glass, or laundry, agricultural trucks, live animal haulers and horse trailers – the list is endless. Unless your business never changes, the fleet you have today may not be the fleet you need tomorrow.

Truck Leasing – New Vehicles or Old

ELEASE is your one source for all your commercial transportation financing needs. ELEASE is even able to finance vehicles which are up to 20 years old and can work with owner operators. Whether you are expanding your fleet or purchasing your first vehicle ELEASE can help you get to your destination.Our goal is to get you the safe and profitable equipment you need to run your business.

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Your business needs equipment to grow. Let our experienced sales team provide you with leasing options specifically tailored to your business.

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