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Business Equipment Leasing Comes In All Forms

You can lease almost any type of new or used equipment, from restaurant equipment-to trucks-to heavy machinery.
Start Up Leasing
Startup Financing

ELEASE created a new division called Start Up Leasing in 2005. Start Up Leasing addresses the needs of the ever growing population of new businesses in the US. They cater to businesses under two years of age.

ELEASE started this new venture because they believe that small business is the backbone of America and that tomorrow’s Fortune 500 companies are just starting.

In 2011, they financed equipment up to $750,000 for a start-up business to $3,000 for a software system. While the companies were all very diverse, they had one thing in common. No banks would finance them.

Start Up Leasing can fund between $20,000 and $150,000 depending on the program.

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In 2005, ELEASE launched Start Up Leasing, a division dedicated to supporting the growing number of new businesses in the US, particularly those under two years old. This initiative was driven by the belief that small businesses are the backbone of America, and that tomorrow’s Fortune 500 companies are just beginning. In 2011, Start Up Leasing provided financing ranging from $750,000 for equipment to $3,000 for software systems for various start-ups. Despite their diversity, these companies shared a common challenge: banks were unwilling to finance them. They can provide funding between $20,000 and $150,000, depending on the program. 

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