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Business Equipment Leasing Comes In All Forms

You can lease almost any type of new or used equipment, from restaurant equipment-to trucks-to heavy machinery.

Outfit Your Work with Office Equipment Leasing

Office Equipment Leasing

In recent years, small to large companies, non-profit organizations and governmental departments have all benefited from eLease’s Office Equipment Leasing programs. Most financial experts and managers understand that office equipment leasing offers tax benefits, better control of cash flow and flexible options which cannot be experienced with loans or other forms of office equipment financing. They understand the benefits that come with lease versus purchase.

Whether you need equipment lease financing for photocopiers, office computer systems, furnishings or software, ELEASE can customize an office equipment financing solution for your organization. Keep in mind the fact that we offer flexible office equipment leasing terms which allow for customized payment schedules and differing buyout options.

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Office Equipment Types

ELEASE offers leasing of various types of office equipment, and some of our clients have recently leased such items as:

Computer Equipment Leasing
  • Photocopy Machines
  • Business Machines Graphic Design Equipment such as Scanners
  • IT and Networking Equipment Office Furnishings and Workstation Setups
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Scanners

Truly Customizable Financing Plans

ELEASE representatives ensure that your equipment leasing agreement is structured so that your specific equipment’s amortization and payment structure matches the equipment’s depreciation schedule completely. We do our best to ensure that your organization gets the best office equipment financing options with a structure which works according to your cash flow schedule. Because of this, over the past decade, ELEASE has broadened its equipment leasing customer base while hundreds of leasing companies across the US have folded.

We can offer office equipment leasing for organizations requiring anywhere from $10,000 to $5 million worth of equipment. As well, we can provide equipment leasing for organizations throughout the United States. Often, we can secure your financing in less that 24 hours, depending on available credit and the vendor.

Call ELEASE today to learn more about our flexible office equipment leasing programs.




Your business needs equipment to grow. Let our experienced sales team provide you with leasing options specifically tailored to your business.

Over the past years, companies of all sizes, non-profits, and government departments have benefited from ELEASE’s equipment leasing programs. Our leasing options offer tax benefits, better cash flow control, and flexibility that loans or other financing options can’t match. Whether you need leasing for photocopiers, computer systems, or office furnishings, ELEASE can tailor a solution for you with flexible terms and payment schedules. Contact us at 1-800-499-2577 to discuss your equipment leasing needs today.

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