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Heavy Equipment Financing Types​

The longer I am in equipment leasing and business financing I am constantly amazed some of the large strokes our business makes. From Time In Business requirements to age of equipment and Fair Isaac Credit Requirements. So if one of these is a miss the client doesn’t get their equipment. I learned that instant credit […]

What is Creative Financing?

When business equipment leasing began it was primarily for office furnishings. As business environments grew and changed, equipment leasing companies changed what they leased and how leases were structured. Businesses today can and do lease things in addition to furnishings such as manufacturing equipment, specialized electronic components, computers, and even software. As a result, many […]

Are You A Franchise Owner? How does equipment leasing work?

Congratulations on your new business or expanding your existing business! Franchises are a great way to be your own boss without having to “recreate the wheel” as they say. There are close to one million franchise companies in the US which employ over ten million people. Many entrepreneurs go this route because the franchise has […]

Equipment Leasing From A Trusted Company

At ELEASE we pride ourselves on doing the right thing for our customers and building positive relationships so that when they need to lease again or someone asks them who their leasing company is, they refer us. We’ve often said that referrals are the highest form of flattery. Sadly not all in our industry have […]