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As a lender and a new brewery owner, I was blown away about the lack of control there was for small breweries who needed cooperage to expand.  When I called around I couldn’t believe keg companies wanted the brewery to rent forever.  Not being satisfied, I started my own keg leasing company doing exactly the opposite as the large keg leasing companies.  You will own your kegs and we won’t own you!

Our goal is to help breweries grow and win! When you win we win!   Gopher provides the best kegs in the market and eLease makes it easy to grow your fleet so you can worry about making and selling beer!  

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J Thomas Williams

President & CEO!

Our Keg Leasing Partners

eLease Keg Leasing Program – Benefits

  • Competitively priced, flexible leasing arrangements
  • Available for both new and lightly used Kegs
  • Customized payback schedule to enable better cash flow management
  • Approval without the necessity for co-signers (in most cases)
  • Leasing terms lasting up to 84 months

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Client Testimonials

"eLease has fast affordable keg solutions that allow us to manage our growth without the burden and added expense of purchasing Kegs. Customer service is unmatched."

- Austin Good   Hidden Springs Ale Works


"The crew at eLease is fantastic to work with. Super professional and they make the whole process seamless. We had  no issues and the included embossing really adds a little something extra. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to solve any of their keg solution needs."

Matthew Dahm, CEO Mastry's Brewing Co.